Hello. I'm Jeffery Oliver.

The One and The Other

The One and The Other 

Imagine reading a book of poems but instead of turning the page to get to the next poem, you walk through an art gallery and scan artwork with your smartphone to have the poem read to you.

Discover more about "The One and The Other," an augmented poetry exhibit.

Featured Poems 

"Birdwatching in the Hegemony" is a video poem written on the occasion of Cheney shooting his friend in the face.

"Evolution" is an electronic poem based on a short poem, audio recording of lines, Google image search and Adobe Flash action scripting.

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It's Under the Leaves


Press Play Poem

Press Play Poem

Read, watch or listen to "Press Play Poem (PDF)," a paper presented at the Pacific Rim Conference for Literature and Rhetoric on the history, theory and possibilities of video poems and video poetry.


"Night (PDF)" is a creative nonfiction essay published in "Common Criminals," a collection of essays on skateboarding edited by David.

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